WARNING: don't hire a
 speaker for your next 
event until you read this...
“Hiring a speaker can be tricky task 
because it can make or break an event, 
but there’s an easy solution”
You probably already know this, but the right speaker can make or break an event. 

If you were to have a speaker for a political event… and you had the to choice between a girl scout and the president of the United States of America, who would you choose? 

Exactly! …The girl scout of course! Now, I’m just teasing you. And I know that’s an extreme example, but it really illustrates the importance of having the right speaker at the right event. 
The Right Speaker Will Make ALL The Difference!
So how do you find the perfect speaker?

You can sort through hundreds of people, but here are vital things to look for…
  •  Make sure they have experience 
  •  Make sure they are an expert in their field
  •  Make sure they are fun and engaging to listen to
  •  Make sure other successful people stand behind them and their work
  •  Make sure they do something other than just speaking (unless they are talking about public speaking or something similar)
I know I’ve danced around the point for the majority of this page so…
Let's Get To The Point.
Randy Sklar!

Randy Sklar is a,
  •  Entrepreneur
  •  CEO
  •  Visionary
  •  Data Security Expert
  •  And Speaker!
Security Expertise
When it comes to security in Richmond... Randy is the thought leader. He has helped business owners realize the top cyber attacks that are out there and how to avoid them.

In just one short year, he has personally spoken to 100+ business leaders on security awareness.

Randy once said, "Awareness is half the scam. If you're not aware of current cyber attacks that are going on, you're already at a huge disadvantage... And will likely be targeted."

If you are unaware and fall for a scam, you will likely pay thousands to the hacker that scammed you.
There are TONS of scams out there:
  • Ransomware
  •  CATO (Corporate Account Take Over)
  •  Wire fraud
  •  Invoice redirect
  •  Drive by infections 
  •  Botnets
  •  Keystroke loggers and other surveillance
  •  Social engineering mouse traps
  •  Plus MORE...
Randy can easily break down all the cyber attacks in a very easy and understandable presentation.

He can't stress the importance of being aware of all these attacks... 

He has had real, up-close and personal, experience with businesses actually getting hacked.

He even goes as far as calling it traumatizing

This isn't big business either. Most cyber attacks are targeted towards small business.
      Thinking Of Interviewing Me? Watch This.
      Back in 2009 Randy spoke on Good Morning Virginia about the topic:
          Randy Sklar is obsessed with speaking.

          He knows his message is important and is on a mission to let everyone here it.

          The one thing that motivated him to growing his business is that he hates when people take advantage of him or his peers.

          That's exactly what these hackers do!

          They put you in a position where you are at their mercy and HAVE to do what they say.  

          Randy has spread his message to:
          •  100+ small businesses in the Richmond area
          •  Good Morning Virginia
          •  Virginia Society of CPA's 
          •  A number of networking associations 
          •  The Virginia Dental Association
          •  The Midlothian Business Alliance
          •  The Virginia Society of Enrolled Agents
          •  Association of Government Accountants
          Questioning Randy's ability to keep people engaged and deliver a good speech?
          This will convince you:
          Randy has been deemed the "Thought Leader" for cyber security in Richmond. 

          That's right!

          He has gained the respect to have the most influential voice in Richmond on the subject. 
            Here's What You Need To Do Now
            Randy Is EXTREMELY busy!

            He is balancing managing a small business, taking care of his children, providing strategic planning, and awareness training sessions for his clients.

            When you throw in speaking on top of that, things start to get a little crazy.

            But he loves spreading his message and knows everyone needs to hear it.

            So if you have any interest in having Randy to speak at your next event, or even if you’re not sure, just click the button below. There’s NO obligation after contacting him, but he likes to have a heads up.
            So just click the button below
              Frequently Asked Questions
              •  What do you speak about?
              • I speak about how security actually works. I go over latest cyber attacks and trends as well as how to avoid them.
              •  Why Should I ask you to speak at my event?
              • You should have me speak at your next event because I can control the audience and teach them eye opening truths.
              •  Who is your speech directed to?
              • I direct my presentation to mainly business leaders and other executives. 
              •  How long is your speech?
              • I usually need 45 min - 1 hour to get the full effect. I can break it down if needed.
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